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If you are searching in for contacts of other members, you may easily access such data when you log in member’s Area. You need not fear about your own personal details been shared, as it is only data being shared. It is always better to be nicknamed for protecting your personal information.

For entering new data, use the login field. If you are a new visitor, then all you need to do is getting registered with the Sign Up Now icon or Register link above in the menu. With membership in your pocket; you can download files to your PC without any limit. Some of the simple tools are The File Center and Search which becomes simpler with help from online support. Such media can be searched out for faster downloading of preferred files at free of cost.

Do input an active email in your address bar while registering as you would be getting a conformation to that address about your registration. If you are facing some error in logging in then maybe you have entered something wrong so use up the login been sent via mail.

Useful improvement is been installed with the BTJunkie’s new version. Positive ends of the BTJunkie are torrent engine in use, non-adware, and high speed downloading and good technical support.