You can upload the data to the system only when you have agreed to the terms given below. If not, then the files too cannot be uploaded.

This site has non warranty information displayed which seems to be on as is type. This makes it risky to download or upload any file. Best torrent system is only assured to the BTJunkie members. It is usually expected that the users will use the torrent tracker according to its usability. Hence; there is no liability for any kind of misuse or violation of the norms.

So the way out is not to go against the law to upload any data. But if you choose the other option, then your BTJunkie membership may be permanently banned. After which, your site access will be righteously suspended without any prior notice. Even in such cases, the personal information is not revealed to any other member or a third party. With the huge acceptance of sharing as much files, the quality of the added content is not really taken care of.

New information: the upload system has been improvised with an automatic filter. It scans out errors in uploading. Therefore, with this scintillating tool, unwanted data is stopped from uploading and asked to change the settings of present task.


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