The high speed torrent tracker can name BTJunkie to be the one, accepted globally. Being a file trading protocol, bittorrent enables the users to download large sized files to their computers.

If you are downloading music or games, then you are said to access under public tracking services. To use the torrent search; you need to sign up as a member firstly. As a user of BTJunkie, you can freely get anything thus causing the site to be a popular one.

Nearly 99% of uptime is provided by the community and support. So far, the trackers have been kept away from any kind of mishap due to the correct predictions made. Now we can name it as reliably stable network. This section and also the 24/7 helpline has been formulated to give you any kind of assistance. With limited resources, we are trying best to help you out with our whole team support.

Audio, games, TV shows, eBooks or even pdf documents are been provided by the BTJunkie server in the form of formatted files. As soon as the registration has taken place, anyone can download the files from the network at free of cost.

For clearing out further doubts, FAQ has been given below. Even the support system can provide you with suitable answers.

Define the term, BTJunkie?
The largest torrent tracker with the highest speed in the web world is BTJunkie. Downloaded files are stored.

What is meant by torrent tracker?
Torrent tracker is the P2P protocol that helps in sharing of files. The trackers can be used to share a huge amount of files.

Why is BTJunkie known as the best search engine?
With this torrent tracker, you can search out files from the other trackers available on the internet. Nearly 8000kb/s is the speed of the downloaded, this being the fastest so far.

How does BTJunkie download the files?
To become a user, you need to install the program on your computer. For this; you need to access the Download option.

Define .torrent file.
A small metadata file containing the downloaded file location information. The file extension details are not required to be known.

How do you remove the program?

To uninstall, first close the program you want to delete. Then select Start in Windows desktop, from there move to Settings and from there click on Control panel. Once in Control panel, click on “Add/Remove applications” or similar, find the program and remove it. It is really that easy to uninstall.

Our online support is there to find answers to any further queries.