American Reunion (2012) Latest episode

The latest part of the legendary American Pie is out now! All the story started in the summer 1999 with a young schoolboy in Michigan who truly wanted to lose his virginity. During the years Jim and Michelle got married, Kevin and Vicky said goodbye, Oz and Heather grew apart and Fich still wants Stifler’s

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If you are searching for a place to download different virtual content, you can definitely rely on BTJunkie. This BitTorrent index allows users to get the content they want, meet people from different parts of the world and enjoy some truly lightening speed downloads. As you might already know, BTJunkie is a P2P platform, which

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Sometimes it is usually very difficult to come by the latest MP3 videos but then this only happens when one is not able to visit the right sources. There are many sites available that can aid in this aspect and it is even noted that, some of the sites provide paid services. Once an amount

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BTJunkie is one of the most efficient bittorrent search engines. It is world famous for its high performance and enhanced capacity of sharing data. It allows people to download and share the files in the easiest and safest mode. Now, it has been improved in order to make it more favorable to assist its users

The Grey (2012) Watch today

After a plane crash a group of oil drillers find themselves in the center of wild nature in Alaska. They need to fight against cold, hunger, wild wolves and wounds to survive out there. Exciting action movie one and a half hours long that pulls you into the deep story of hard life and horrible

The world of P2P file sharing is changing

“Peer to Peer” networking as P2P is commonly known as is actually not as lucrative and convenient as it sounds and it is pretty tough to run your own networking service of this kind. This process of online sharing is getting harder with every passing day and it needs quite a good deal of inspection

21 Jump Street (2012) new movie

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) want to leave behind their problems of childhood. They go to work as police officers at local Jump Street association that is top secret. Due to their good young look they are being sent to the local high school for a secret operation to bring down to justice

Which torrent files are fake

Many peer to peer scammers are there all over the web that makes use of fake or false torrent for different purposes. They do this to phish the identity of any individual or for getting money from them. One can also do such an activity for destroying data on their computers by leaving Trojan viruses.

Chronicle (2012) movie available

Three schoolboys love to record their activities on a film tape. One day they discover something extremely unnatural that gives them powers beyond human life. They cannot realize it at first, but after they begin to learn their abilities, things start to get out of their hands. Friendship will start to collapse and the dark

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