The Twilight Saga 2 – Breaking Dawn (2012)

The continue to Twilight Saga in 2011. When Renesmee is born, the Cullens family calls help from other vampire families in order to protect the little baby who is in danger. A wrong move can threat the child and put the whole family into fear zone that their clan will not live long. See how

The Expendables 2 (2012) see now

The world’s strongest troops are here again. Barney (Sylvester Stallone) and his mercenaries are offered an easy job to make some money and they accept to finish the work. After one of the crew members is killed, the main operation is personal to have revenge and besides the official mission they have to fight against

Laws Cannot Terminate Online File Sharing

None can deny the fact that file sharing is a sensitive topic these days. The main reason for this is that file sharing pretty much defines the illicit distribution of copyrighted content. As you might already know, the main role of copyright laws is to protect the original work of different authors especially because these

Will BitTorrent Change Its Name to Gyre?

The torrent community was like a bee nest with a lot of discussions regarding the future of uTorrent and BitTorrent. This spark was caused by the discovery of an unusual thing by regular users in the latest version of uTorrent released last week. This unusual thing was located in the ‘About’ window of uTorrent. Suddenly,

FilesTube Traffic being Blocked by Mediafire

You might be aware of the file hosting service available on the internet named Mediafire. This is a popular service on the internet which is used by a number of search engine services. But recently it has been found that the file hosting service called Mediafire has been blocking traffic from one of the popular

Innovation will Root the Idea of Anti-piracy

After nearly a decade of denial, the RIAA has finally accepted the effectiveness of innovation in its battle against piracy. This is following its attempts to sue college students, supporting outdated anti-piracy laws and even closing the shutters on LimeWire. But thankfully, the organization has finally seen the benefit in going for innovation to bring

TorrentPrivacy makes bittorrent downloads anonymous

The past year has been a turbulent one for users of torrent clients. This is especially true of those from the USA. There have been major crackdowns on users and groups alike and this has led to a situation whereby people are thinking twice before using torrents for downloads. The biggest concern for people remains

Online data sharing in 2012

Computer friends have communicated online and shared data over the internet actively for the past fifteen years. During this time the world of digital life has changed a lot thanks to giant file sharing programs, social media and the significant increase of the internet speed. All this has brought people to use computers and the

About high-definition video (HD)

HD video or High-definition video is highly in demand and is already creating waves in the market. Technically speaking, HD video refers to any video system having higher resolution power compared to SD or standard definition video.  The common display resolutions that it involves are on the range of (1,920×1,080) or (1,280×720) pixels. HD video

How modern p2p torrent trackers work

A torrent tracker is a server that helps in smooth communication between the peers that use the bittorrent client protocols. There are lots of different peer to peer trackers that can be used with ease for getting a quick and reliable download. However, of all the different torrent trackers, the BTJunkie deserves a special mention