BTJunkie dealing of your privacy

Privacy of any member is very vital for BTJunkie. This has been stated for a better explanation of our terms and conditions. does not take any liability of this site’s content or its usage. It’s totally up to the user whether you want any torrents to help or not. Thus you understand that our only motive is to provide the best of the services which is technically much faster and easier file downloading.


Personal information needed

Whenever you login to our system, then the used IP address records the time and date of your visit. Such information is kept totally personal and not disclosed to the other third parties.


Editing of private policy

The web content keeps on getting upgraded. If any of these terms are not satisfying enough, then you are free to track out of the torrent. When it comes to quick downloading of files, then you would be having no complains as our torrent tracker is kept at its best form.

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