Will BitTorrent Change Its Name to Gyre?

The torrent community was like a bee nest with a lot of discussions regarding the future of uTorrent and BitTorrent. This spark was caused by the discovery of an unusual thing by regular users in the latest version of uTorrent released last week. This unusual thing was located in the ‘About’ window of uTorrent.

Suddenly, the ownership of uTorrent was being credited to an unknown entity named Gyre Inc. This was surprising since for many years now BitTorrent Inc. was the sole owner of the uTorrent client. In response, the uTorrent team was quick to dismiss it as a ‘coding mistake’ and rectified it rather quickly. However, this reaction has already set tongues wagging overtime within the file-sharing community.

Gyre Inc. – The First Appearance

The latest alpha version of uTorrent saw its release last week. Among the improvements to the client, there was the ability to achieve higher download speeds by users having a high-speed internet connection. But what really ruffled the feathers of everyone was the information present in the ‘About’ section of the program. Instead of the name BitTorrent Inc. people saw the name Gyre Inc.

Had uTorrent been sold?

To clear the air regarding the above question TorrentFreak immediately contacted BitTorrent Inc. The response from BitTorrent was that the naming was an error due to a coding anomaly. While they refused to confirm or even deny if there was a rebranding strategy in place, they did admit that periodic testing of new product names and brands is regular within their setup.

Digging Up Gyre Inc. 

With the response from BitTorrent shrouded in ambiguity, attention turned towards the origins of Gyre Inc. A little bit of researching revealed that the company was first registered only in January 2012. And in a piece of information that is sure to further feed the rumor mills, Gyre Inc. lists Eric Klinker as its service agent. The reason this is significant is because Eric Klinker is the CEO of BitTorrent Inc. And in a further proof of the link, Gyre’s company address is identical to the San Francisco address of BitTorrent Inc.

Further Proof of BitTorrent’s Rebranding Plans

Another certain sign of the rebranding exercise being underway was that all of BitTorrent’s trademarks were copied over for the Gyre term. Numbering at a total of three, these trademarks covered software, devices and licensing. In terms of appearance too these trademarks are quite identical to the current BitTorrent ones.

But in what is perhaps the firmest indicator of an impending rebranding exercise, BitTorrent refused to deny the validity of the above conclusions. Instead, the company informed that both BitTorrent and uTorrent will continue to be released by BitTorrent Inc. But it had nothing to say when someone asked for how long the company will continue do so.

Following a Set Precedent

If BitTorrent does indeed change its name, it won’t be the first one to do it. Azureus rebranded itself to Vuze many years ago as well. But the question everybody is asking is why they need the new name at all.

Is it to shake off the tag of piracy facilitators or are its investors pulling some strings; or is a sale on the anvil. The truth will be out sooner than later.