Which torrent files are fake

Many peer to peer scammers are there all over the web that makes use of fake or false torrent for different purposes. They do this to phish the identity of any individual or for getting money from them. One can also do such an activity for destroying data on their computers by leaving Trojan viruses. As a matter of time, many methods have been developed that can identify and avoid fake torrents.

Mentioned below are some suggestions that might help a lot in avoiding fake or false torrent files:
•    Confirm the release date of the new movie from any site that provides such information. One can also confirm the torrent for that movie from that particular site. Do not trust on the torrents that have not been listed on that specific website for torrents of new movie releases.
•    One should try to avoid using software like Get-Torrent, TorrentQ, BitLord, and a few others. All these software for torrents have a reputation for allowing fraud and malware torrents to be associated with them.
•    Show trust on torrents with .AVI or .MKV extension files. Most of the movie files have .MKV format or .AVI format. On the other hand, most files with .WMV or .WMA format has to be fraudulent or fake. One should always keep the above mentioned thing in mind.
•    When a person notices instructions like password, download, or any other related instruction in the torrent file, then it has to be a fraud or a false file. This might be an attempt to sneak your computer with malware with the help of these suspicious files. One should also avoid or prevent from downloading any exe executable file. Folks should know that an executable file has no role to play for any music or movie. There is also not any need for any kind of instructions for downloading or any other stuff.
•    Many websites are there now that have torrent files that have been verified by core committee users. However, verified files are there in a very less amount, because of less number of true torrents being there on the web. Users should always keep a check on updating their antivirus from time to time. A person should not be troubled at all in downloading a verified file.

These suggestions keep changing after a certain time due to new incomings. One should stay up to date with these suggestions for avoiding fake torrents. Other suggestions also include that a person can also look for comments or feedbacks from old users on various torrent websites. They can get the torrent file on the basis of these comments. A file that does not have comments has to be suspicious, and it should be avoided. File with negative comments should also not be attempted. A file with massive peer numbers with absolutely no comments on it should also be avoided. Files that have a few seeds, but will positive comments from the user should get the preference.