TorrentPrivacy makes bittorrent downloads anonymous

The past year has been a turbulent one for users of torrent clients. This is especially true of those from the USA. There have been major crackdowns on users and groups alike and this has led to a situation whereby people are thinking twice before using torrents for downloads.

The biggest concern for people remains the safety of their privacy. It is a well-known fact that there is no guarantee of safety with torrent clients. Even with popular clients like BitTorrent, the ways to ensure absolute privacy are scarce. However, this dilemma has been put to rest in a major way with the release of TorrentPrivacy.

Retain Anonymity

TorrentPrivacy is a program that allows users to download from torrents in a safe and secure manner. It basically offers the user a secure connection and through this the user can overshoot almost all types of traffic shaping programs and firewalls. This gives the user complete anonymity and no one will be able to monitor the download activity on that connection.

Easy to Use

The TorrentPrivacy application has been designed to ensure that even the most novices among BitTorrent users will have no problems getting used to it. It is rather simple and yet intuitive at the same time, which means even BitTorrent old-timers will appreciate it. The program itself incorporates a version of uTorrent with some degree of pre-configuration. This means users do not have to enter-in any settings on their own. uTorrent has been chosen as it is the most popular among various Torrent clients.

Security is ensured through Encryption

TorrentPrivacy, as mentioned above, does not need any tinkering on the user’s part and can be used right out-of-the-box. The first step will require you to select a connection point. Their servers, as of now, are located in USA, Canada and Europe. You just have to make sure that the connection point you’ve chosen is as close as possible to your true location. Doing so will ensure the best download speeds possible from the application. Once you direct the program to connect to the server, a connection is established under the SSH protocol armed with 128-bit encryption. Both these steps rule out the possibility of any traffic shaping or privacy invasion.

Thanks to the familiar uTorrent interface, people will have no problems getting used to it and will definitely enjoy the combination of anonymity and great download speeds.

The People behind TorrentPrivacy

The development of TorrentPrivacy was led by Alex, who is also the man behind The project took shape around 2007 and inspiration behind it was the need to provide people with something that ensured their privacy in all situations. Trust is the key here and any fears of a government backed setup will be vanished when people know of the relationship between and TP (both use the same DNS server ID).

Another reason for TorrentPrivacy’s inception was its creator’s contempt for American law agencies like MPAA and RIAA. These two organizations had the entire torrent community on tenterhooks with only ‘The Pirate Bay’ fighting them head-on.

TorrentPrivacy will protect its users from all such fears but this protection comes at a price. Users can choose among the three options of $2.95/week, $9.95/month and $99.95/year. But it is often included in modern systems where users can have a secure login.