How modern p2p torrent trackers work

A torrent tracker is a server that helps in smooth communication between the peers that use the bittorrent client protocols. There are lots of different peer to peer trackers that can be used with ease for getting a quick and reliable download. However, of all the different torrent trackers, the BTJunkie deserves a special mention owing to its ease of use and good searches.

Basically, the main way BTJunkie and other torrent trackers work is by making use of their ability to download multiple files from a lot of different sources in the web simultaneously and that too fast as well. They monitor the net speed of download by tracking the seeding and leeching activity of users. The main reason why BTJunkie is so popular is that it allows you to download files with speed as high as 7-8 megabits per second. Not only this, these sites are open source platform and are free from advertising and spyware. The net profits from these applications do not go to any individual and it makes use of an interactive process as it allows the different users to share their files.

With BTJunkie, you can grab hold of a lot of great sites from where you can download audios, videos, movies, games and more. There are some other sites which have a user forum. At such sites, users tend to report erroneous files as if you look at the message board, you can find comments like wrong file or corrupted torrent. Thus, this makes it easy for users to get their download securely.

Basically, the tracker keeps a track of the IP address which you were using to download the file. If you share the file with different users, the trackers increase your allotted bandwidth as the tracker servers like to reward the swarmers who are seeding the files. However, if instead of sharing, you are busy leeching the file, the trackers after noting this annoying habit will lessen the bandwidth significantly. Sometimes it may be down to 1 Mb per second as well. So, basically the philosophy used by trackers is extremely simple, good points for the swarmers and bad points for the leechers.

However owing to dynamic IPs which keep changing continuously, the trackers like BTJunkie are changing the ways of tracking your file by inserting special information in the torrent such that they can understand the right way of tracking your swarming and leeching.

There are lots of trackers and almost all of them serve the same purpose. However, BTJunkie has been doing a phenomenal job as its tracking ability has been praised. It helps easy searching as well. Hence, the trackers play an active role by fostering sharing rather than leeching. By penalizing the people who leech the files and rewarding those who share, the trackers monitor the download speed.

Hence, the next time you download or upload a file, make it a point to seed the file to increase your own download speed and then enjoy easy and quick download for full on entertainment. For checking the veracity of the claim, check out BTJunkie.