FilesTube Traffic being Blocked by Mediafire

You might be aware of the file hosting service available on the internet named Mediafire. This is a popular service on the internet which is used by a number of search engine services. But recently it has been found that the file hosting service called Mediafire has been blocking traffic from one of the popular search engine called FilesTube. According to one of the founders of Mediafire the thing which happened is quite normal for the website. According to him it is one of the logical steps that have been taken by the company. The service offered by Mediafire was never intended to open for the public.

A Brief History of Blocking

Popular media search engine called FilesTube has at least millions of visitors on daily basis. This can be called as one of the most frequently visited media search engines present on the internet today. FilesTube is a website which was founded in the year 2007 and since then it has been quite popular among the public. This site is actually operated by people of Polish origin and the site also belongs to the Polish background. The site is also known as one of the largest Meta search engine. The site is actually meant for the content that is hosted on other cyberlockers like 4shared, Hotfile and Mediafire.

The media search engine FilesTube refers quite a lot of traffic to all these websites. But it is a sad fact that some of the websites are not happy with the kind of traffic it sends to their website. They are also not happy about the amount of traffic the search engines sends to these sites. Among these websites Mediafire was the first one to block the traffic sent by FilesTube. According to Mediafire it does want to be indexed anymore. Mediafire then took strict actions to make sure that all the traffic coming from FilesTube was blocked. This created quite a lot of problem for the FilesTube owners.

The Reason for being Blocked

According to the cofounder of the site Mediafire the website was naturally built not to be indexed and hence they do not want their site to get indexed due to FilesTube. Mediafire is a private service which makes it stay away from being indexed. According to the founder of the site the other search engines like Bing and Goggle and other search engines also honor the fact that Mediafire does not want to get indexed. The owners of Mediafire blocked the services of FilesTube because they did not honor their privacy. According to the owners of Mediafire the complete fault is that of FilesTube and they had not other options.

When the decision is thought over from the side of Mediafire it might make some sense. But there has been recently certain debates regarding the legality of the business models used by the cyberlockers. Mediafire and some of the other file hosting sites have recently being scrutinized by Hollywood. Mediafire was also accused as one of the rogue sites but Mediafire was quite quick to remove all the allegations and make their business model a clean one.