About high-definition video (HD)

HD video or High-definition video is highly in demand and is already creating waves in the market. Technically speaking, HD video refers to any video system having higher resolution power compared to SD or standard definition video.  The common display resolutions that it involves are on the range of (1,920×1,080) or (1,280×720) pixels. HD video finds its specific applications in the formats of video recording, television broadcast, D-VHS tape format of video and Blu-ray disc.

The HD specifications in use in modern times date back to early 1970’s. Few Japanese engineers can be attributed with the success of High-definition video. The Europeans then developed HD-MAC but it never got recognized for the purpose of video interchange.  European Broadcasting Union was an exception in this regard.  But the high definition video that is currently in use is the gift of the Americans. They designed this during the period of advanced process of television commenced in the year 1987.

The sources of image possessing high definition characteristics are terrestrial broadcast, digital cable, high resolution disc, internet downloads, digital cameras and more recently the consoles of video game. The high definition features provides better clarity in pictures on screen and better visual appeal. Simultaneously it also provides the viewers to see even the smallest object very clearly. The amazing picture quality on screen has given a new dimension to the way pictures are being portrayed on screen. They look more real, more effective and provide excellent clarity.

Most of the computers are found to be adept to HD or High-definition over DVI, VGA or HDMI. The Blu-ray Disc can offer sufficient digital storage so as to be able to store High-definition video content for hours. The use of High-definition video or HD in surveillance industry needs a special mention. The rising rate of crime has boosted the sake of such cameras which vouch of having HD features. If the cameras do not produce images having a good clarity the jot is often of no use in surveillance purposes. Even when it comes to use then lot of difficulties are faced in the way.

However, since the launch of cameras having HD features, tracking criminals has become easier than ever before. The picture obtained through such cameras are such superior in picture quality and produce such clear image that it does not take much time for the surveillance team to track them or gather sufficient information about their hideouts. Most of the security cameras that are widely sold are the ones having HD picture quality. Their ardent need in security cameras are truly justified owing to the ardent need for color fidelity, higher resolutions and frame rate in the surveillance industry which need them in excellent quality. The superior quality video output finds its great utility both in cases of evidence purposes as well as preventive surveillance.

HD or High-definition picture quality is also highly preferred in the gaming arena where it enhances the appeal of the graphic art and helps to arouse the interest of the payer. The better picture clarity keeps the interest of the player engrossed on the screen.