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BTJunkie – the largest torrent search

BTJunkie is the world’s largest bittorrent system that provides the highest possible download speed for users. More than 3 million high quality torrents, thousands of new ones added daily. Members can get movies, music, mp3, software, games, ebooks and more directly to PC. Join now and start to download unlimited files for free.

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•    An automatic bot crawls the Internet for files
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•    Downloading and sharing is free for users
•    Torrent Mail will let you know about new torrents that are added (can be disabled)
•    Comments and reports about Torrents
•    Fast download speed – now up to 8000kb/s

More Information Regarding BTJunkie

One of the more advanced BitTorrent search engines is BTJunkie. It uses a web crawler to find different torrent files on other torrent sites and submits them to the database. Currently, there are over 4 million active torrents and about 4,000 torrents added daily. This fact makes it the largest torrent site indexer on the internet. BTJunkie happens to be one of the most used bittorrent search engine on the internet today. When you think about how many different websites are available online, you can realize how impressive it is for BTJunkie to be the one of the most popular website. People really value the service we provide!

There are several reasons why BTJunkie is different from other torrent download sites. It has its own proprietary automated crawler that searches the internet. We provide a free public torrent submission. It will send a torrent mail which provides immediate notification of new torrents to all of our users who opt-in to this service. Finally, BTJunkie supports torrent reporting and comments. This commenting system is the heart of BTJunkie’s popularity. It allows people to ranking different torrents in a very social manner.

The benefits are simple! You can enjoy easy access to the information you want, downloading is free for users. Do you want to watch the newest episode of your favorite TV show? Well, you have access to it at your fingertips, after you have signed up as a member. Do you want to skip spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your school textbooks? BTJunkie provides a way for you to find and download them! Have you really wanted to hear your favorite musical artist’s new release? You can probably find it on BTJunkie the day it comes out. Do you miss playing your favorite video game from your childhood? Well, you can find it on BTJunkie and play it right on your computer! The benefits are truly endless.

BTJunkie has the ability to index both public and private trackers by using an automatic web crawling system that scans the web for torrent files. This proprietary web crawler is pretty unique to torrent search engines. BTJunkie really did it right by creating their own program instead of using someone else’s. All of the feedback and ratings provided by users are used to help filter and flag any files with viruses that have been uploaded. Our team is working daily to fight against the viruses and remove threats from torrents.

You may wonder why you would use BTJunkie when you have other search engines at your disposal. The difference is that on BTJunkie you get ranking by constantly updated seeds, leechers, ratings, statistics that are specific to BitTorrent, and search relevancy. General search engines do not aggregate all the identical torrents across the web in the same way that BTJunkie does. Again, the biggest advantage of using BTJunkie over usual search engines is the wonderful comments and ratings that it provides to all of its users. This system lets potential downloader’s know how each and every torrent is functioning real time. You do not need to worry as much about viruses or the validity of torrent files. By keeping a good eye on the comments and ratings of the torrents, you will know just what file to download.

You can find just about anything you are looking for these days on the BTJunkie torrent search engine. There are movies, TV shows, books, console video games, PC videos games, school textbooks, music, computer programs, computer operating systems, and pictures just to name a few. You can also upload your own things. Read more here.

This is not really stealing, despite what many people think about BTJunkie and BitTorrent. At some point on the food chain, someone paid for this information. It is the choice of the person who paid for the information to share it. That is the whole idea behind p2p file sharing networks. For example, let’s say that you need to reinstall your operating system because your hard drive was formatted and you lost your boot CD. Well, you can simply download it off of BTJunkie, burn it to a disk and have what you need. You have already paid for it once, why should you pay for it again? You should now be starting to get the idea.

Are there any drawbacks to using BTJunkie?

Just like anything else on the internet, there is the possibility for misuse. There are people out there who will disguise malware or viruses as the files that you are looking to download. These types of malicious hackers have been around since the beginning of the internet. Viruses have been the bane of p2p file sharing networks since their creation. The best way to avoid downloading problematic files is to download the torrent files that seem to have the most activity. See which versions of the file you want have the most leechers and seeders. Read the comments to see what other people are saying about it. And of course, always scan the downloaded files with your anti-virus software before opening it for the first time. This is a small price to pay for getting all of this information for free!

Another drawback may be the fact that BTJunkie is mostly uncensored. These could be an issue for households that have young children who use the computer. BTJunkie is a great resource for consenting adults who want a place to download any type of information that they can get their hands on. However, you may not want a young child using the search engine without proper supervision.

The Bottom Line – BTJunkie

The BTJunkie Search Engine is one of the absolute best ways to download and search for torrent files using the BitTorrent client or the BTJunkie downloader. Users get all the necessary tools. Whether you are looking for movies, music, photos, programs, video games, books, textbooks, or other digital files, you can find them on BitTorrent.

You will be saving yourself both time and money by following the tips outlined here while using the search engine like BTJunkie. So, why don’t you get started right now? Click on the Download button and become a member. After installation, you will get instant access to unlimited downloads. And do not forget that downloading is free for users.